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Mar 26, 2013 7:00pm EDT
policy right. but whether he'll be followed, i don't know. >> you had ronald reagan who did amnesty. >> i was for it! i'm for it today. i don't care what the wing of the party said. it was basic amnesty. not really amnesty, but effectively. >> you have bush junior, who was clearly saying that we need to do something on immigration. you have rubio now trying to do something on immigration. >> 65% of the voters of this country favor rubio's plan. that was in mclaughlin's poll. 65%. where are the republicans on this? >> see, that's my point. as soon as rubio goes out and leads on it, he starts getting hit by the far right. >> that's why i'm still worried. >> i actually think he's done a pretty good job of selling this. he went straight into the belly of the beast, talked to rush limbaugh about it and got treated -- >> you're right about that. >> wait until you see the far right come out. >> i think -- i think mark owe rubio right now is in a position to be the jack kemp legacy. i really do. i think he has that in his guts and has that in his belly. i've heard him, interviewed him, i li
Mar 25, 2013 7:00pm EDT
can't do anything. >> it was ronald reagan and jack kemp who supported the idea of the earned income tax credit so people who were poor wouldn't have to pay their money to the tax man so they could use their wealth and use their resources to build their income and become part of the middle class. are you saying you don't support that concept? >> i think you make the system much more complex when you start exempting this group and that group. the fact of the matter is, if we have a fair taxation system, the economy is going to explode. you're going to have plenty of money. if you want to do something for those people in terms of money that you want to give to them or some program you want to make available to them, i'm all for that. but once we start tinkering with the system and saying, let's change it here and let's change it here and let's make an exception for this group or that group, then we get away from fairness. >> we're going to leave it there. many thanks, dr. ben scarson, a always, sir, appreciate your time. all best of luck on your pending retirement. coming up on kudlow,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2